The Week's Top Celebrity Outbursts: Kanye, Cutler, Serena

If you thought only 3 year olds and schizophrenics flew off the handle in public, you were proven wrong this past week as athletes, politicians, and entertainers publicly displayed their passive-aggressive or just plan aggressive behavior on T.V. Here are the top 5 outbursts from this week.

5. Michael Jordan v. Bryon Russell at the HOF induction ceremony – Everyone knows M.J.’s the greatest, but was bringing up “the shot” an appropriate thing to do at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony? I don’t think so, and it shows that without a ball in his hand, M.J. just makes an ass out of himself. The comments come at the 6:50 mark.

4. S. Carolina Congressman Joe Williams v. Barack Obama – the republican yelled out “lie” during Obama’s healthcare speech.  

3. Serena Williams v. Kim Clijsters in the U.S. Open  – John McEnroe who? I wonder what kind of fines will be coming her way?


2. Jay Cutler v. The Packers – I was laughing on the inside as I watched Cutler throw 4 picks last night in his regular season debut with the Bears.

Here’s the video.

1. Kanye West at the MTV Video Music Awards – first compare yourself to the King of Pop and then try to upstage 17 year old Female Music Video of the Year winner, Taylor Swift. Yeah, you belong in a cage instead of in front of the mike.

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