Broncos Links

Broncos Links:

- The Broncos turnover margin (-6) in the preseason is awful, but they’re working on it.

- Another ex-Patriot signs with the team.

- All you need to know about the Broncos v. Bears matchup.

- We have a former Bronco who is a Hall of Fame candidate.

- Rookie Chris Baker is only 21 years old, but he’s offering his wisdom to high school kids.

- Right tackle, Ryan Harris, is striving for perfection. His 2.5 sacks allowed was a letdown for him.

- John Clayton’s take on Brandon Marshall v. The Broncos. 

- We’ve got issues with Brandon Marshall right now, but come Sunday, all attention will be back on Jay Cutler.

- With Jay Cutler making his way back to the Mile High City, Bronco Talk has come up with songs to help fans get over Cutler.

AFC West Links:

- Will Arrowhead get back to full capacity ever again? Signs point to “Yes”.

- Memo to Josh McDaniels: Run, run, run against the Raiders.

- Philip Rivers will probably take a trip to Rodeo Drive soon with his new contract.  

Random Sports Links:

- Reply from Tim at BLD includes 3 better suited songs for the Bills.

- A real bear playing hockey could only happen overseas.

- Colt Brennan tells us what it’s like to throw an INT in the NFL.

- In case you missed the Rockies killer win last night, here’s how it happened.

- Just how necessary is the crossover in the NBA? Ask Zach Randolph and T-Mac.

- If Michael Vick gets another chance, Pete Rose should too.

- A statistical study of sex using athletes.

- Yeah dude! I totally just hit myself with my own skateboard. Gnarly!

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