Predicted Top 10 Broncos Headlines

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The Broncos were kinda like the Cowboys this off season. Internal drama grabbed many national headlines, and fans were afraid to open the newspaper each morning. We all wondered who would leave after Mike Shanahan. No one thought it would be Jay Cutler, but we’ve moved on with the fact that Kyle Orton is our QB and Josh McDaniels is our coach.  As practice gets underway, I can’t help but look forward to the season. We’ve got many great players returning, and some new faces that will surely bring excitement to the field. With that said, I’m going to predict the top 10 Broncos headlines for this season.

10. “Raging Rivers Has No Direction To Displace Anger” – With Cutler gone, Philip Rivers will look like a lost puppy on the sidelines.

9. “Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz, Oh What a Relief Balance Is” – Last season, the Broncos were all offense and no defense. I think we’ll have a nice balance on both sides of the ball to wear opponents out.

8. “Crypt Keeper Down in the Dumps” - Make that 4 straight wins against Al Davis and his dreadful Raiders. I love seeing his sagging face get so pumped up over off season acquisitions only to be let down once play starts.

7. “A Happy Camper or a Debbie Downer?”Brandon Marshall will have another year of 100+ catches, but will he be a cancer in the locker room? Only time will tell.

6. “O’ Ryan’s Belt Protects Orton” - Ryan Clady and Ryan Harris will help anchor the Broncos offensive line to another great season. After allowing just 12 sacks last season, I don’t see anything stopping a repeat performance.

5. “Chalk Another Up to B-Dawk” - Brian Dawkins is neither old nor washed up, and I’m sure the Eagles will miss him this season. He will come away with many INTs as opposing QBs will most likely have CBAS (Champ Bailey Avoidance Syndrome). Dawkins is fired up whenever he steps (or dances) on the field and he will undoubtedly get the defense going too.

4. ” Eddie Goes From Prince to King in One Season”Eddie Royal was one of the greatest additions to the team last year, and he was one of the most dominant rookies in the league. I can only see him getting better in McD’s system.

3. “The Student Becomes the Teacher” – The Broncos will put the hammer down on the Patriots on Oct. 11 after an embarrassing Monday night performance last year. Josh McDaniels may know Bill Belichick better than Belichick knows himself.

2. “Flip-Flop” – Look for Orton to have a big season while Cutler struggles in Chicago. That’s what happens when you’ve got a great offensive line coupled with great receivers in Orton’s case. In Cutler’s case, the lack of support may cause Mid-Way Jay to crave some Rocky Mountain air.

1. “Kno-Mo, Kno-Mo, Kno-Mo” – Opposing fans will be chanting Kno-Mo No More when Knowshon Moreno rushes for multiple 100 yard games. This kid can be dangerous in the backfield, with enough speed and quickness to be compared to Barry Sanders already.

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  • Big D

    I totally agree with you. It seems that most of the analysts do not recognize that we have upgraded our roster at most positions except for maybe quarterback. However, we have so much talent on offense that all Orton has to do is disperse the ball. He has a top notch offensive line protecting him, and both the running back positions and recievers are awesome.
    I think analysts like Jamie Dukes have their heads up there (you no what). Can’t wait for the broncos to start making all these so called experts look studid.

    Go Broncos…

  • Big D

    Oooooops now I look stupid because I miss spelled stupid. hahaha

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  • Kim

    Hey now!

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