Question Surrounding Broncos QB

The Broncos cut 3rd string QB Darrell Hackney on Monday. All signs point to the team drafting another QB. I just don’t want them to use one of their first two picks on one. We need to work on our front seven on the defensive line during the draft. Like I said before, I want to see what Josh McDaniels can really do. Let’s see what he can get from Kyle Orton, and if it doesn’t work out, draft a QB next year. Orton is still young and could become a franchise player. He’s got the surrounding cast (a great offensive line and talented receivers) to do great things.  

What do you think, fans? Should the Broncos draft another QB?

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  • jdb

    I think the Broncos should let Orton takes snaps this year and draft a QB next year, when the draft talent is better. I think Bradford has more NFL potential than Sanchez or Stafford, so there’s no reason to waste this year’s round one pick.

  • FutureBroncoDC

    Agreed! I am very excited to watch Denver Draft the Best available DL then LB with #12 and #17.

  • FutureBroncoDC

    Correction #12 and #18