Cutler Will Stay In Denver

In one of the most turbulent weekends in franchise history, the Denver Broncos brass have some explaining to do to the players, the press, and the fans following the attempted trade of Jay Cutler for Matt Cassel. The facts have been coming in slowly, but more than one source confirms that:

  • Jay Cutler was on the trading block slated to go to Tampa Bay in a three team trade in which Tampa would bring in Cassel from New England in exchange for a draft pick then ship him to Denver for Cutler.
  • Detroit has made an inquiry for Cutler in exchange for the team’s #1 overall draft pick.
  • Teams will continue to generate trade offers for Cutler.
  • Now that Cassel is signed with Kansas City, Cutler will be staying in Denver.
  • The fans have overwhelmingly voiced their support for Jay Cutler while criticizing the team’s actions.

While this weekend could compare itself to a root canal without Novocaine for many Broncos fan there are some positive aspects as well that have not be discussed in detail:

  • Jay Cutler will play with a chip on his shoulder which usually translates into big numbers for any player.
  • Broncos fans finally have a replacement for John Elway; was anyone upset when Jake Plummer left?
  • The team is looking for equal value for Cutler so there is no possibility of a trade with a watered down free agent pool.
  • Time…time…time…let the dust settle from this weekend and wait for a possible mend.

Recap of Cutler Trade Talks

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