Give Me Cutler Over Cassel Any Day

Like Jay Cutler, I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that Cutler was thrown into the trade talk. For those of you who somehow missed it on the national/local news, radio, paper, and talk around town, Cutler was thrown into the mix when Matt Cassel was still available. Reportedly, the Bucs wanted Cutler for a 1st round pick, and then the Broncos would’ve traded their 1st round pick for Cassel.

If that would’ve happened, I would have lost nearly all respect for the Broncos organization. I would take Cutler over Cassel any day. In fact, looking long-term, I would take Cutler over Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and any other quarterback in the league. He’s a young gun that has shown signs of greatness. He just needs molding. He’s got something going with Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal already, so why would you just throw that down the pipes? Oh yea, enter Josh McDaniels. McD basically created Cassel as offensive coordinator in New England, and he was probably looking for something familiar. Well coach, that may have just put a large dent into your relationship with your new QB before the dance even started. Great.

On Saturday, Cutler said,

 “My understanding at this point is they’re trying to trade me. We’ll see where I end up at. I liked it here, I liked playing with these guys, but obviously they’re not going to let me have that opportunity.”

McDaniels said,

“We don’t want to trade Jay. We never did. He’s our quarterback. We’re excited about this season. And excited about what we’re doing here in free agency to improve our team.”

Bottom line: McD should have communicated that to Cutler before the free agency period began. He didn’t, which probably means that there was something in the works regarding a trade for Cassel. If that wasn’t true, then as a young coach he needs to learn to communicate better with his players. Cutler was genuinely upset and you need to keep your QB happy. He should’ve at least called Cutler to reassure him the rumors were not true instead of letting it explode the way it did.

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  • Bob

    Mcdaniels sucks! Why? 1)Was with New England Patriots 2) Wants to trade Cutler 3) Wants his “butt buddy” from New England to QB.
    WTF…leave cutler alone! Work else where on the offense that is where changes need be. I understand that the Broncos need a change and the new coach has some ideas, but really Cutler!

  • Suzanne

    so far i DO NOT LIKE McDaniels !!! is he seriously THAT stupid that he wanted or even thought about trading his Pro Bowl QB ??? i can understand Cutler being upset and not wanting to speak face to face with McDaniels. but regardless when that does happen…. Cutler is going to be playing with a chip on his shoulder! i just hope Cutler takes the Broncos to the Playoffs! hell, lets aim high…..hope he takes em to the freakin Super Bowl !! that will show McDaniels and i hope Cutler in reply says, ” I TOLD YOU SO ! ”
    i just got 2009 season tickets and i plan to be there for even the first pre-season game. i am very interested to see if the Denver fans booo at McDaniels as he trots on the field because i know i will.
    so Cutler is safe and sound in Denver only cuz Cassell went to the Cheifs….. although the Broncos say they “were approached” by the Bucs and the Lions!
    Let’s work on the defense McDaniels! im sure he had some good defensive players on the Patriots!  why don’t u leave #6 alone and bring in some Patriots defensive players, that way it could feel like ur at “home”!!! WAKE UP !!! you are in the Mile High City! this is not ur home yet!!! Jay Cutler has NOTHING to prove to McDaniels!! the way i see it….McDaniels has to not only prove himself as a coach to his team and the organization but as well as the fans of Denver!!!
     the defense is where we are hurting! we just need to “tune up” our offense but TOTALLY do a face lift on the defense!!!

  • BoltDaddy

    Ahh I love the smell of dissent in the morning!  Well it looks like there kinda sorta might possibly be a few unhappy faces in Donkey Nation as a result of all the self inflicted wounds.  What was going to be just a real bad year for the Donkeys in turning out to be a real bad year with a lot of real bad drama.


  • Pattie Melt

    What do u expect….McDaniels is from Boston….that should explain his kooky actions….what a back-stabber.

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