Broncos Big Boys Fitting The Bill

The Broncos are on the brink of something big. I feel it. You may tell me I’m feeling it because of the doldrums of the off season or maybe because the season is still nine months away. I feel it because we have players that have matured since becoming a Bronco. Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall are a world away from where they ended the 2007 season. They’ve made Pro Bowl appearances, provided guidance to the rookies, and got their life together off the field. While Jay Cutler promotes his foundation and Brandon Marshall plans his wedding  this summer, the Broncos fan base wonders just where these guys will end their career. Will they set new NFL records together? Gather up a Super Bowl ring? Or two? Bring Denver back to its glory days? The sky is the limit and if Josh McDaniels can bring his New England offensive flare to the Mile High City, the answer to all those questions will be an emphatic “YES.”

The Broncos have all the talent in the world on offense. Their offensive line is incredible, and once their backs are healthy, they can be a threat on the ground too. It will be interesting to see what moves the team makes on defense. Will they switch their alignment, bring in big names from the free agency market, or draft a true prospect. The answers will unfold over the next 9 months. It’s a wait and see game for now that only allows for lively discussions at sports bars, parties, and around the water coolers in Denver. So, let me ask you. What moves should the Broncos make on the defensive side of the ball?

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  • Roger

    First they have to get soldid players for a 3-4 defense.  I believe Doom and Moss can play OLB and Marcus thomas, tim croweder (gain 10-25lbs) and Kenny Peterson can play DE in the 3-4 alignment.  Pick up Dwan Edward and Gabe Watson for the NT, their not superstart but could fill in for the transition year.  I would also sign Chaning crowder for one of the MLB spots and have DJ williams for the othe ILB.  I would move Champ Baily to FS and play him in the mold of Ed Reed.  I know this seems crazy but teams just play one side when he is at CB, this way they couldn’t identify where he would be, plus he is great tackler and last line of defense and Josh Barret could be the big hitting FS.  Then I would sign the CB just cut from detroit, he looked good before going to detroit which can make anyone look bad.  I believe these moves would allow us to put a respectable 3-4 defense on the field and would allow us to draft the best defense of player available in the draft in every round to obtain further improvements. 

  • Sam

    And Detriot made Dre Bly look bad too I take it!?! PhhLike the rest of your great knowledge and insight though!

  • Roger

    Bly was in his prime at Detroit and has been on the decline since arriving in Denver.  Our lack of presure and poor safety play is enough to make any one look bad.

    The kid cut from Detroit is young and could be signed without busting the bank.  Look at the leage, most great defenses don’t have great Corners.  Great defenses are strong up the middle and can generate pressure off the edges.  NT, MLB, Safety and pass rushing OLB.

  • Jimmy

    I love the idea of moving Champ to Safety.  I definitely think he would change the passing game against the Broncos, and he would make the saving tackle at least 75% of those long TD runs that we have given up the last few years.  I wish we could have drafted Taylor Mays (hopefully we won’t be bad enough to draft him next year), but I hope we get his teammate in the first round.  Did you see Fred Taylor got cut today (2/16)?  He would be a sweeeet fit in the Broncos running attack.  A lot in the same style as “I AM” Clinton Portis, but he has a few years on Clinton. 

  • http://predominantly marshall#1 fan 15

    im so glad that blys out of there just im mad that matt  
    prater is still in our lineup why would you keep a guy that missed almost half the field goals he kicked