Super Bowl Props

Here are some of the more fun Super Bowl Props. They come from Bodog.

Media/TV Props

Will Barack Obama bring back US tradition and call winning team before broadcast goes off the air?

Yes      +150

No        -225

How Many Times will NBC show Brenda Warner on TV during the Game?

Over/Under                    3 ½


How many times will Al Michaels and John Madden reference Ben Roethlisberger as “Big Ben” during the Game.

Over/Under                    7 ½


How many food references will John Madden make during the game?

Over/Under                    1 ½


What Betting Line will Al Michaels allude to or mention first during the Game?

Pointspread                    -200    

Total                             +150


Will Matt Millen pick the correct team to win the SB on the NBC Pregame?

Yes       -270

No        +210


Which Teams Cheerleaders will be shown more often on camera?

Pittsburgh                      -175

Arizona                         +135


What Super Bowl will average more viewers?

Super Bowl XL               +110

Super Bowl XLIII              -150


Who will have the largest market share in TV Ratings?

Arizona                                     +300   

Pennsylvania                             -500    


Which Super Bowl commercial will have a higher rating on USA Today’s annual Ad Meter?

Anheuser-Busch/Budweiser        1/1                                           

Doritos                                      3/1      

Pepsi                                        3/1     

Coca-Cola                                 4/1

McDonald’s                               7/1                

Go                          8/1                                                     

Other                                        2/1


What brand of Anheuser-Busch will have more commercials on Super Bowl Sunday?

Bud Light          +200                                                              

Budweiser          -300   



 What Song will Bruce Springsteen sing to begin his Halftime Show at the Super Bowl? 

Born in the USA                         2/1     

Glory Days                                2/1

The Rising                                 4/1

Born to Run                               5/1 

The Wrestler                              5/1     

Radio Nowhere                          8/1

I’m on Fire                                 12/1


What Song will Bruce Springsteen sing to End his Halftime Show at the Super Bowl?

Born in the USA                         2/1     

Born to Run                               3/2      

Glory Days                                4/1

The Rising                                 4/1

The Wrestler                              5/1

Radio Nowhere                          8/1

I’m on Fire                                 12/1


 Random Props

Will Kurt Warner break Joe Montana’s Super Bowl Record of 1142 career Passing Yards

Yes                  +500

No                     -800

(Kurt Warner needs 364 Passing Yards to break the record)


Who will the MVP of the Game thank first?

God                                          1/1    

Teammates                               2/1      

Family                                      4/1     

Coach                                       7/1     

Doesn’t thank anyone                 3/1                                           


What Color will the Gatorade be that is dumped on the Head Coach of the Winning Super Bowl Team?

Clear/Water                   4/5

Red                              5/2

Yellow                           3/1

Blue                              7/1

Orange                          7/1

Lime Green                   10/1    



 How many current NFL Players will be arrested during Super Bowl Week? 

Over     1           Even

Under   1           -140



Who will win the Madden Super Bowl? 

Pittsburgh              -300                                   

Arizona                 +200


What will happen with the Stock Market the day after Super Bowl XLIV?

Pittsburgh Wins Market Up                     3/2

Pittsburgh Losses Market Down              5/2

Arizona Wins Market Up                         2/1

Arizona Losses Market Down                  7/4

In other news, we have a new Fan-Sided blog to introduce. You can get the latest in NFL news and rumors here. Chris Kolb runs a great show over there, so check it out!






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