How Big Of A Broncos Fan Are You?

How big of a Broncos fan are you? For the Broncos Crocs giveaway, I asked the question, “What major life event did you miss to watch the Broncos play?”

I have actually never missed a major life event to watch my team play, but I have gone to great lengths to make sure I never miss a game. This season, I was driving back to Denver from Dallas on the same day that they played the Jets.  I left Dallas at 5 am to try to catch the last half of the game. I was speeding the entire way, got pulled over and issued a $160 ticket right after entering Colorado. The officer asked why I was in a hurry, and I told him “to watch the Broncos.” He said, “I hope they’re worth the fine.” They were because they actually won that game.

After posing this question to readers, I’ve decided to post a few of my favorite responses:

I missed a date with my girlfriend to watch the Bills game…i told her i had to watch the Broncos smash on the Bills…that didn’t happen though….”

It was at the season opener this year, I was hanging out with friends. My wife was with me and I was bagging on her for being born and raised in Denver, and being a Raider Fan. I am born and raised in Las Vegas, NV and I am a die hard Bronco fan. I am a Raider hater for life. (Lots of Raider fans out here) All of my friends were backing my wife up for her being a Raider fan, so I turned and asked what team they were all fans of……Guess what….RAIDERS!!! Can you believe it?!?! Here I was, the only Bronco fan surrounded now, by Raider fans. So I postponed the anniversary with the wife and her birthday, ( yes, same day) just to watch the Broncos crush the Raiders. I loved it. It was worth it. She still got her presents. I got mine from the Broncos this year instead of the wife. GO BRONCOS!”

My wife and I delayed the start of our honeymoon so we could take the whole wedding party to the Denver – San Diego game the day after our wedding.”

I didn’t actually miss the event, but I was sure that I might have to. My best friend’s daughter scheduled her wedding for 2:00 on the 28th when the Broncos were set to play the Chargers for a playoff spot!! Luckily (or maybe not) the game was rescheduled for 6:15 and I didn’t miss the game or the wedding. I still wonder what I would have done if the game wasn’t rescheduled! Hmmm……”

I planned a family gathering around the game…and when my long lost cousins ended up late, I listened to the game in the car….headed home to see the game….turned around when I got the call that they had arrived, and still got home in time for the 2nd half.  I thank God for KOA!”

“For this Bills game, I missed an opportunity to go skiing and snowboarding with my group of friends, one of whom I had only seen once in the past two years.  They had a blast, and I pulled my hair out and got rightfully hassled about it later.”

Thank you to all of those who participated. The winners were determined by a random drawing. Congratulations to Adam and Mellifluous for winning a pair of Broncos Crocs!

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