Broncos Play Like Turkeys

The Broncos should have checked their calendars. Thanksgiving is four days away. It’s not today. They were thankful that they were playing the Raiders. At home. With a two game lead over the Chargers in the AFC West. They were too thankful and ended up playing like turkeys. Like most people do on Thanksgiving, they watched football. Did they serve turkey in the locker room at halftime because it sure looked like the Broncos fell asleep in the second half. They let the Raiders who had not scored an offensive touchdown in 13 quarters rack up 31 points by the end of the game. The Broncos looked like that uncle that you have who comes over on Thanksgiving, drinks enough beer to kill a small horse, piles his plate with nothing but turkey and stuffing, and then passes out on the couch for two hours snoring louder than a commercial airplane engine. It’s just annoying, and something that you can only handle once a year. However, for the Broncos this season, we’ve seen this kind of performance more than once. It happened in Kansas City. A struggling team that they should have beaten by at least two touchdowns makes them look like your 0-8 high school football team. 

As a fan, I’m tired of seeing the up and down performances. One week the team has an unstoppable offense, and the next, they are lucky to make it out of the locker room without injuring themselves. The season is not lost. Unbelievably, they still have a chance to make the playoffs only because they AFC West is one of the worst divisions in football. I’ll keep cheering for my team no matter what, but it’s games like this that make me want to take a long acting sedative, and sleep until the beginning of next season.     

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