And You Wonder Why The Raiders Suck

 “It hurts because I picked the guy. I picked the wrong guy.”

- Raiders’ owner, Al Davis, on former head coach, Lane Kiffin (Denver Post).

He’s picked the wrong guy over and over. He’s going on to his fifth coach since 2003 accumulating a 20-64 record. That tells you something right there about the ownership. Not only did Al Davis finally fire Lane Kiffin, but he did it over the phone like a real champ chump. He also told him that he’s firing him for cause which means that Kiffin will not be paid for the remainder of his three year deal which is worth $6 million. Here’s a video of the press conference that Davis held yesterday:

As long as Al Davis is still suffocating the Raiders organization, they will continue to lose games. That’s evident. He fired Mike Shanahan 4 games into the Raiders 89′ season, and still owes him money. The Broncos should welcome Kiffin into their organization because I guarantee a Broncos’ Super Bowl win before a Raiders’ Super Bowl win.

Offensive line coach Tom Cable will take over the head coaching job. The Raiders have a bye this week, and will face a tough test on Oct. 12th against the Saints.



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  • Glyn a.k.a. Broncofan77

    Obviously I dont have a dog in this fight being a Broncos fan, but I know how Kiffin must feel as Davis did the same thing to Mike Shanahan.
    This is typical Al Davis bullshit. You should watch the press conference! Al Davis is a crazy senile asshole! Dude I actually feel bad for Lane Kiffin. I thought Kiffin handled the whole situation and speculation leading up to this the past few weeks very responsibly, only to have Davis get on tv and lie and try to smear him. He also refuses to pay him any money just like he did Mike Shanahan. Hey Mike, why dont you bring Kiffin over as a cordinator.You guys can both discuss your hatred for the old prick, and we can steal all the raiders secrets!

    All Al Davis has done is alienated himself even further from his own Raiders fans, and pissed off another coach who will go to another team and kick the shit out of the Raiders every time they play them just like the Broncos and Mike Shanahan do every since 1995!

    Man Im glad I am a Broncos fan. I have just one thing to say to “Weird” Al Davis… ” JUST DIE BABY!”

    -Glyn a.k.a.Broncofan77

  • Kim


  • Big John

    Shanahan (the rat) will be giving a new conference soon to discuss the past season.
    You can put frosting on a dog turd but its still a dog turd. Same old song and dance. I’m not buying it anymore.

    Oh, and Jay…get a comb and style that stupid looking mop of yours. I’m sick of watching your show too, in that cheap suit, no tie, giggling like a little girl. Pull your head out. Maybe you do have a gun but it’s worthless without wisdom. I know, I know….you learned a lot from this past season, the team is young, bla bla bla. BS.

    Pat….if you are even considering raising the ticket prices, AGAIN, your fan base will be a bunch of plastic empty seats.

    Good luck next season. Please don’t jam a bunch of crap down our throats’ about this past one.

  • Big John

    Good-bye Rat.
    Take Rick Dennison and Steve Watson with you too.
    How a bunch of washed up players can magically turn into coaches has always amazed me.
    Rick Dennison…….a second string linebacker suddenly the offensive line coach. Duh.
    If you get another job right a way the Broncos might be able to buy Jay C a comb or a tie.
    One good thing though, we wont have to listen to those stupid radio commercials of yours anymore.
    Set the tempo, set the tempo.