Fantasy Studs Or Duds?

To follow up on “Women Against Fantasy Sports Sucks,” some Fan-Sided bloggers present their own view on the cause.

The Dirty Bird was stunned at the site and gave his opinion on his own blog, Blogging Dirty:

“So here is my thoughts on something that many women regularly engage in and that I think is “stupid.” Candle Parties are the worst, these are just about the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. You get invited to a party where you sit and eat food and drink alcohol (nothing wrong so far). But then here is the fun part…. You get to buy garbage!”

I see your point Dirty Bird, but I’m pretty sure that only 80 year-old women host candle parties. Unless there’s good beer, I would not attend such an event!

Jeanne from Black and Teal presents her view after scoping out the WAFS site and discovering a man who ditched his wife for 2 hours on their honeymoon to check on his teams:

“I am not saying you can’t go check your standings if you two are just chilling out on the couch channel surfing. I am saying that if you’re out of the house and your pulling up the internet on your cell phone or abandoning your honeymoon to check your stats it may be you that has the problem, not your lady.”

I agree with you, Jeanne. The least he could have done was told her what he was really going to do when he went to “check their flight status.” The poor women then could have booked some type of spa treatment or something while he was getting his “fix.” Maybe there should be some cautionary red flag attached to a guy who is into fantasy sports. I think the flag should be carried down the aisle with him on the couple’s wedding day along with the ring. It would just remind the bride what she is getting into.

So, in honor of all this:

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