Broncos Bat Cave Open To Public

Because the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight, comes out tomorrow, Adam over at Arrowhead Addict came up with NFL villains that most resemble Batman characters

Clinton Portis made Adam’s cut as the Mad Hatter. Adam says, “only Portis could concoct this nutty of a character. He’s not really a villain, though. Actually, I take that back. I wish Clinton cared as much about my fantasy football teams as he does his characters.” Check out his post for more villains.

Speaking of Batman, the Bat Cave (Dove Valley) opens up to the public for Broncos training camp starting next Friday. Public practices run from July 25th to August 12th. If you want to attend practice, check out the Fan Information page on the Broncos website. The team will be practicing with the Dallas Cowboys on August 13th and 14th, but those sessions are only open to the media. For more training camp related news, go to the Broncos training camp page.


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