Colorado's Mount Rushmore

It’s a typical Thursday. I wake up, let the dog out, eat some breakfast, and then open Woody Paige’s Mailbag. It’s his weekly feature on Denver that allows fans to ask him questions about the area’s sports teams.

Today’s Mailbag featured a question asking if the state of Colorado were to build a sports-themed version of Mount Rushmore with the faces of standout local athletes, who would represent the Nuggets?

My answer would be either Dan Issel or Dikembe Mutombo. The construction of Mutombo would take a little longer because he would absolutely have to have his finger in the air. A mechanical finger swaying from side to side would be ideal if we could throw a little money around. As for the other three faces, John Elway is an obvious pick. Hale Irwin (one of the best golfers in the 70’s and 80’s, and defensive back at CU), and Todd Helton would round it out. It’s tough not putting an Olympic skier up there, but I’ll stick to my picks. 

If we were talking about a Broncos-themed version of the monument, I would have to choose Terrell Davis, Shannon Sharpe, and Goose Gonsoulin to accompany Elway.

Mount Rushmore was created to increase tourism in South Dakota. Colorado doesn’t need any more people up in its mountains, so I’ll wait to propose a sports-themed version of Mount Rushmore until later :)

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