Leave the Lady Alone; She's a Broncos Fan

Jeri Priest wears her shirt proud (Denver Post)

For the past 30 years, every time the Broncos score a point, there is a 69 year old Denver woman that celebrates the score by setting off 6 electric car horns. Jeri Priest put her horns to rest this week not because of the Broncos terrible season, but because a neighbor who is a lawyer complained about the excessive noise.

Her husband of 48 years, Larry, “hooked six car horns together, electrified them with a battery and then ran a cord to Jeri so when the Broncos scored, all she had to do was touch a button and the horns would sound”. Now that’s love and support for his team and his wife.

Jeri decided not to fight the case, so she donated the horns to charity. The lucky recipient was the Boys and Girls Club in Denver (Denver Post).

In other news:

Champ Bailey is the only Bronco player going to Hawaii this year. He’s going to the ProBowl for the 8th consecutive year, and will suit up with pretty much all of the New England Patriots to play in the game.

Punter, Todd Sauerbrun, was cut from the squad most likely because of his citation for assault this month. Responding the the cut, he said, “I’m shocked. I know (owner) Pat Bowlen didn’t really want me around and I understand that, but I wish they would have waited until the case is over. It’s a ridiculous case and I will be exonerated. But it is what it is” (Denver Post). 

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